If we practice gratitude and keep a thankful heart, we’ll automatically extend inspiration wherever we go.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Change Begins With A Thought

I ran across this article and had to share it. I give full credit to the author - Vito LaFata at Fitness Evolution, Laguna Hills, CA

Change and transformation require energy. I’m not going to lie… it’s difficult to focus in a hyperactive world. But, if we are to succeed at creating outer change for our body and our life; it involves us changing inside as well at the mental and emotional level of our being.

There is always a period of inner work before evolving. The greater the outer change you wish to see happen, the greater the inner change that needs to take place first. You have to “BE” that thought, “DO” that action in order to “HAVE” the transformation you desire. You have to lead with serious intentions and a hunger and desire to evolve that requires you to dig in with your emotional motivation.

If you can focus your intentions, which is a subtle energy that attracts what you want, you can transform your goals into reality. Your decision to change begins with a thought. This is how behavior is modified, and change takes place. You are more likely to change your behavior by focusing on your intentions. If you can see the obstacles that get in your way, you can visualize getting past them to your goals.

My experience for success has always been to keep it simple.

Small incremental changes over time result in life-long rewards that are absolutely profound and worth the effort.

Share and communicate your plan of action and goals with others for added accountability and you will find yourself taking what was once a mere thought right into reality!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What motivates you?

I was asked today by another Life Coach, "What drives you?" "Is it good food, love, wealth,interesting people?"

Gosh, I hope this Life Coach has a bit more awareness of what some if not most of her clients are going through day to day. I hope that if she is aware, that she has more compassion and is readied to offer some sound coaching and motivational input.

Please understand, I love a good bottle of wine, I love...no, wait, I LOVE shoes, I love to shop. But with the economy the way it is, and hearing stories day after day from clients and friends who have lost their job, not able to make a mortgage payment, or taking lesser jobs, etc. That dose of reality does not have me or anyone else I know being motivated by good food, love, wealth or interesting people. Just being brutally honest here.

Here was my response;

The motivation to make a difference in this world, not only for me but others as well.

The challenges facing us all at this time are exactly what we don't want yet which give us a unique opportunity. An opportunity to look inside our hearts and ask, "If I am truly committed to having an outstanding, brilliant, fantastic life, one where I live and treasure each moment and share that with the rest of the world to contribute to it's magnificence, what would that look like, feel like, be like?"

Am I willing to rely on the government to make my life better? Am I willing to rely on outside forces or influences to make my life better? I ask myself this, "if not me, who?" "Who else is going to make MY world great and how can I expect anyone else to do something I'm not prepared to do myself?"

That's what motivates me every single day.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Simple (but you must commit) Secrets of Success

This simple routine can and will inspire greatness. And, don’t be surprised in what direction it may take you.

Take a piece of paper and on the top write the words 10 Goals along with today’s date.

Now ask yourself, if you could only accomplish one goal, but you would have to accomplish this goal within 24 hours, which one goal would have the greatest positive impact in your life?

Really think about the goal that would give you the greatest positive impact: it could be financial, it could be emotional. Trust me, that one goal will jump off the page at you.

Circle that goal, turn the paper over and write that goal at the top of that page, along with a deadline to achieve that goal.

Underneath that, write down anything and everything you’ll need to do in order to accomplish this goal. Do a mind dump; writing everything that immediately comes to mind in order to accomplish this.

Some of these may be obtaining a higher education, becoming certified in your desired field. Or these Must Do’s may be something more immediate such as signing up for a gym membership, or starting the process of putting your house up for sale.

Leave no Must Dos in your mind. Everything necessary to achieve this goal must be written down.

Then, every day do one thing necessary to getting you closer to achieving this goal. One thing, every single day.

You may have to work on one thing for days, or weeks, or even months - but commit to doing one thing every day to get you closer to your desired goal.

The key word is commit!

People begin to become great when they determine their purpose. In one year’s time you can look back at that paper and not only be astonished at where you are, and what you’ve achieved but you’ll have a great sense of purpose and accomplishment.