If we practice gratitude and keep a thankful heart, we’ll automatically extend inspiration wherever we go.

Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in a nutshell

Another year is almost behind us and I'm thinking about what a rollercoaster year it's been.

This same time last year, we had a different address. January of this year found us without jobs. In March, we moved across country and away from friends and family to a new address. In August, we moved once again - another address! This time back with friends and family - home! Driving across the country, taking a new route, I enjoyed the beautiful mountains, visited with a dear friend who lives out of state and marveled at how my dog can sit for hours on end in the backseat of a car and never complain. In October I found gainful employment - thank you God! and in November the news of a new baby coming in May 2011! Christmas was spent with many friends and loved ones enjoying each other and the realization that this is truly

what it's all about.

The rollercoaster is what it is and I choose to focus on all the lessons, all the good that comes from life. Some days are much easier than others but at the end of the day I can always, always find things to be thankful for.

Tomorrow I'll start my Gratitude Journal and hope that it becomes contagious. I invite all who read this to post their daily thoughts of gratitude in the comments section. I truly hope to inspire many but honestly, if I only inspire myself...that too I will be grateful for.


  1. I'm grateful to Linda who saw my post and realized were were both doing 365 days of Gratitude. Mine is through Facebook and I've invited my FB friends to join me too www.facebook.com/nancygrantcoaching

    I'm also grateful that the freezing rain predicted this morning never made it to my neighborhood or along the route to my early morning meeting. Yay! The hills would have been impossible to climb otherwise.

    Nancy Grant
    Portland, OR

  2. Nancy, thanks for following! Being thankful in everything is contagious so I'm thrilled to find someone else doing the same thing. Together, we'll watch the tides of consciousness change. I've never visited Oregon but it's on my Wanderlust list!