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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 121 in Gratitude - Things to Celebrate

I am so excited! There are three things to celebrate today (well, actually I could think of many but):

1. This post marks the 1st of May - April Showers have brought May Flowers. Everywhere we walk in the neighborhood we see tulips, jonquil and salvia. Walking the dog this morning there were many people out mowing their lawns. The smell of fresh cut grass is one of my favorite smells. Like walking into your Grandmother's house smelling fresh baked apple pie, grass makes me feel the same way. I just love May and what's not to love, sunshine, flowers popping up everywhere helping us forget the 24 inches of snow just a few short months ago and warmer weather! Thank you!

2. 17 days away from my new grandbaby's upcoming birth. Yes, my son's first child is due to grace us with his presence on May 18 and I can't wait. Listening to my son talk about the upcoming birth of his first baby makes me grin from ear to ear. My son has grown into a wonderful young man, responsible, loving and kind. I am so proud of you Rick, you're going to make such a wonderful Daddy.

3. The fact that I've been blogging my gratitude for one third of the year! As I've mentioned before, I've kept a gratitude journal by my bed for years but I was never very committed in writing on a daily basis. Holding gratitude in my heart is changing the way I see things on a daily basis and I'm thrilled to be keeping diligence on this blog.

What are you grateful for?

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