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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 119 in Gratitude

From time to time I'm going to ask friends to write an article on gratitude or a post on their daily gratitude - below is a post from my friend Evie.
My sister moved from the suburbs into Chicago recently and I was there to help her out and keep her company.  I'm very grateful for the wonderful movers that did all the heavy lifting.  They made the hard work of moving look quick and easy.
One thing that I noticed was head mover's wonderful ability to set expectations.  When he came across something that was very worn or broken he would make sure that my sister knew about it prior to it being packed.  I realized that sometimes we forget, or overlook, the shape things are in when in familiar settings, but in a new setting the worn or broken things might stand out.  When everything was packed he again set expectations.  He made sure he had my sister's cell phone number and that she had his so they could communicate if anything came up.  He also made sure he had directions, and estimated how long unpacking would take.
I'm grateful that the movers my sister hired were professional, set expectations and also kept the atmosphere light.  It made the sometimes stressful process of moving go much easier.
What are you grateful for today?
Evie Burke is a life coach who specializes in working with people who get a knot in their stomach when they think about going to work each day.  They’re ready for the knot to go away, but don’t want to leave their job.  She has a special place in her heart for these people, being one of them herself a couple times in her life.  To find out more about Evie visit: http://OneInsightCloser.com/about-me

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  1. Great post, Evie. Clear expectations are SO important. They make things go much more smoothly.

    One of my favorite books is "The Four Agreements". One of the most powerful agreements in my opinion is "Don't make assumptions". This agreement paired with clear expectations would solve A LOT of the conflict we engage in as human beings.