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Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 105 in Gratitude - A Time To Celebrate!

Appreciate everything that you have and don't have and find ways every day to celebrate them.

The benefits of celebrating. I believe the happier you are the more you're a magnet for other happy people. People are naturally drawn to others who are having fun and enjoying life. Complaints drain your energy. At a previous job that was stressful, I used to come home and say that the job sucked the sunshine right out of me. Have you ever walked into your office kitchen and found a co-worker complaining about his or her partner, their job and/or their financial situation? You want to run out of there as quickly as possible! But take that same kitchenette filled with people who are engaged in light conversation and just enjoying themselves - you stay to soak up the positive energy. The more fun you have doing mundane tasks, the more enjoyable you become. Having fun or celebrating the simple things brings great joy to you and those around you. How about calling your best friend to tell her you've just made the best chocolate cake ever!

We've been taught at an early age that it's in bad form to celebrate, it's considered boasting or bragging. Bragging lacks humility and focuses solely on you and doesn't include anyone else in the good news. But when you're feeling good about your accomplishments, no matter how great or small, it allows others around you to start feeling good about some of their accomplishments as well. The more you can look for the good in your life, the more good you can see, the more your mind becomes programmed to celebrate it. You don't have to throw a party because you learned how to change the oil on your car but you can make yourself a nice dinner or light a few candles and soak in the tub. Celebrating is any form of positive acknowledgement.

A few things I celebrate - An Attitude of Gratitude!
I celebrate the fact that my taxes are done and filed.
I celebrate that I know how to read and write.
I celebrate that I had a great smoothie for breakfast this morning.
I celebrate that I received a phone call from an out of state girlfriend and we caught up on each others lives.
I celebrate my bills because they are evidence of shelter provide, fun had, great meals eaten and some kick-ass shoes on my feet. Bills are receipts from a life well-lived ( I love that line!)
I celebrate my job which gives me financial security while I plan my next move.

What can you celebrate?

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