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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 72 in Gratitude - the first Baby Shower!

Today was just an amazing day. One of my sons is expecting his first baby. First off, I still can't believe that. Let me say it one more time (for my own benefit because it still hasn't sunk in)...one of my sons is expecting his first baby!! I am so happy for him. He smiles more, he laughs more, he glows just like the Mommy To Be. I love seeing him so happy. That's what every Mother dreams, that their children are happy. And I do believe that he is happy. He has a wonderful woman in his life. She's down to earth, beautiful and so easy to love. She has something about her that is infectious. She walks into a room and the whole room lights up. And, now that she's pregnant...wow! She glows! This is what life is all about; spending time with family, seeing your children in love and the beginning of a miracle. Today I am so grateful for 1. That my son has met such a wonderfully warm, loving, caring woman and 2. That they're giving me my first grandbaby!

What are you grateful for?

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