If we practice gratitude and keep a thankful heart, we’ll automatically extend inspiration wherever we go.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 58 in Gratitude

You never hear anyone get on stage after winning the Oscar saying, "I did this all myself."

I'm so inspired watching the gratitude speeches. Every actor seems not to have enough time thanking each and every individual who helped and supported them on their journey. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we, in our everyday lives, acted as if we had just one an Oscar? Think about it...tomorrow, during your day, act as if you had just been awarded the most prestigious of awards for doing what you do. Think long and hard about every individual who has helped you get to where you are today and thank them. It doesn't matter how you thank them. Send up a prayer, write a quick note, send an email or make a phone call but please, take a moment and say thanks. Offer gratitude where gratitude is due. You will brighten someone's day and in turn, brighten your own.

I would like to thank my husband for always being there to support each and every one of my dreams.

I would like to thank my boys for enduring my constant quirkiness and never ending embarrassing moments of hugs and kisses when their friends were around.

And most of all, I'd like to thank God for giving me the opportunity to just be - I am so enjoying the ride...thank you!!

What are you grateful for?

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