If we practice gratitude and keep a thankful heart, we’ll automatically extend inspiration wherever we go.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6 in Gratitude

I am grateful for having friends to share Wine Wednesday with. If you're not familiar, Wine Wednesday is a day where friends get together at the same place, every week to share a glass of wine and anything else that you're willing to share. I have 4 close friends who have been holding Wine Wednesday for over a year. Sometimes is on a Wednesday, sometimes it's Thursday like today.

This WW practice started while I was living in Las Vegas. My cousin and her close friends were doing this and once I moved there, was immediately invited into the group. There's no judgment, there is nothing off the table, every topic is open to discussion. I love it. There are some WW's where all we do is laugh. We don't talk anything personal and some days, we cry together sharing intimate stories over a glass of wine. Women at their best - we are truly amazing beings.

I am grateful for my car that seems, under extreme circumstances, to get me safely to work and back every single day. This car has driven back and forth from Las Vegas to Chicago too many times to mention and has over 140,000 miles. There is definitely something going on under the hood. It's so loud that when I listen to books on tape or just the radio, I have the volume so high you'd think I was a 15 year old teenager.

I am grateful for my soft, funky pajamas my husband bought me for Christmas. Every night, I come home from work, take off the typical 'work suit' and slide easily into these soft, comfy, cozy white pajamas with peace & love printed all over. Sexy? hell no, perfect? YES!
What are you grateful


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